The Power Of Positive Thinking

What are the benefits of positive thinking? A positive mental attitude will make you feel good, it will improve your health and even extend your life expectancy. Positive thinkers have more fun, they experience more success, they enjoy their life more than negative thinkers. This does not mean that things don’t go wrong for positive minded people, but if it does they know how to pick themselves up and quickly get back on track again.

Negative and pessimistic minded people over exaggerate every little problem, they analyse about what’s gone wrong or what might go wrong as if it’s the end of their world. While on the other hand positive thinkers will search for a positive solution or a successful way to get over their setbacks, they won’t allow any obstacles to prevent them achieving what they want.

It is important to think positively for many reasons but that does not mean you have to spend all your day thinking positive and happy thoughts because that’s to much like hard work.

You can eliminate negative thinking and learn how to think more positively with a little amount of effort, it won’t be long before you have left the negative mindset behind and you will actually soon start to begin to enjoy life again. Once you get into the habit of positive thinking you will be able to experience more success in every area of your life.

If you want to achieve more success and feel good in the process you need to develop the powers of positive thinking, no one achieves much by negative thinking. There are very few benefits of negative thinking, negative thoughts serve no worthwhile purpose, they will make you feel bad and they will cause you fear, stress, anger and frustration, they will also make your life a complete misery.

We all have negative thoughts from time to time, they are a natural reaction when things go wrong, what you must do is quickly put the breaks on them before they take hold and they start to destroy your life, at times when we are run down and tired we can also tend to think more negatively.

How exactly can we achieve this with little to no effort and without thinking about it much?


To make any changes in your life you have to change on the inside first to bring about a better life on the outside, you cannot do it the other way around. The new positive information you will be feeding your mind will help change you and your life for the better. 

The advantage you will have with subliminal messaging is because you will be in a relaxed state due to the soothing back ground music and sounds of nature which mask the hidden positive messages your critical mind won’t be able to detect the affirmations.

However your all powerful subconscious mind can here them and it will act on them accordingly without question. This means your critical mind cannot possibly reject the positive information being fed directly into your mind so they will go straight into your subconscious mind undetected, this is where they need to go without any objection.

Your subconscious mind has no ability to reject any information it just accepts it as being true. This therefore means all the positive suggestions go directly into the subconscious mind without giving the conscious mind any chance to rebel against the new idea’s.

 To get the best results out of audio subliminal messages you should play them once a day but then forget about them. Do not look for changes, just allow them to work without interference, doubt or frustration otherwise you will run the risk of self sabotage.

There has been quite a lot of research been undertaken lately with some truly amazing results and positive feedback about the effects subliminal messages can have on your moods and behaviours.

Brain Sync has a long list of powerful MP3’s that I really enjoy. Click on this word POSITIVE, scroll down to the ‘positive thinking’ title and check it out!




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